Scenic Drops

Connecticut Stage Supply

connecticut-stage-supply-page3-button Having a scenic backdrop that takes your audience’s breath away can immensely enhance the success of any production. By creating a beautiful backdrop, the whole stage is transformed into that specific time and location, adding to the overall effect of the entire production.

At Connecticut Stage Supply, we have our very own scenic artist, Peggy Messerschmidt, who is able to recreate your vision and design based on your own specifications and designs.connecticut-stage-supply-page3-callout Whether you want to be in a winter wonderland or a bustling city, she can make this happen.

Find The Perfect Scenic Backdrop For You:

  • Wide variety of scenic drop selections
  • Original painted drops on hand
  • Custom backdrops made to order
  • Create your own world with a beautiful painted backdrop

To place an order, please call Connecticut Stage Supply at 860-747-1232 or email us at For a better look at everything we have to offer, stop by 459 East Street in Plainville, CT.