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Connecticut Stage Supply

connecticut-stage-supply-page8-calloutIn order to achieve the perfect stage layout, it is essential to have the right props, sets, and scenery for that particular production. At Connecticut Stage Supply, we offer the largest selection of props in the entire state of Connecticut.

Our friendly and professional staff can help you find whatever it is you need. We offer professional construction and design assistance so that your stage is a major success.

No matter what you need, we’ve got it. If we don’t have something in stock, we will make sure we will get it to you.

Transform Your Stage Into a Different World With The Right Equipment:

  • Largest selection of props in CT
  • Custom built props
  • For all theatrical purposes
  • Sales, rental, construction and design

To place an order, please call Connecticut Stage Supply at 860-747-1232 or email us at For a better look at everything we have to offer, stop by 459 East Street in Plainville, CT.

fiddler on the roof 2
eiffel 2
eiffel 2  rental is $500.00
eiffel 1
eiffel 1 Rental is $75.00
Frontside of grease Car
Frontside of grease Car Rental is $250.00
Backside of grease car
Backside of grease car






Anything Goes
Anything Goes
Medieval Throne
Medieval Throne
Call for pricing to rent
Call for pricing to rent
1940 phone rental for $35 dollars
1940 phone rental for $35.00
fiddler on the roof 1
Podium Rental is $50.00
Podium Rental is $50.00
Oscar rental is 50.00
Rental is $75.00
Wishing well Rental is $75.00
Invention rental is
Breast Chair rental is
Breast Chair rental is
Beauty and the Beast please ask for the price
Beauty and the Beast please ask for the price
Santa Chair
white couch
Miss Porter
Miss Porter
a different world 1
a different world 2
a different world 3
oz gates
picket fence
Jury Benches
Pink bedroom
Salon chairs
door to the pink room
circus mcgunks