Stage Paint Selections

Connecticut Stage Supply

connecticut-stage-supply-page7-calloutWhile color may seem like a small aspect of a large production, it does play a huge part. At Connecticut Stage Supply, we understand this and offer a massive supply of paint options.

  • Rosco Off Broadway Paint
    Rosco’s most popular vinyl-acrylic scene paint is available in a complete range of theatrical colors for painting virtually any backdrop or scenic element.
  • Supersaturated Roscopaint
    A highly concentrated acrylic scenic paint that can be used to create the widest variety of scenic effects. Use diluted as much as 15:1 for brilliant dye-like results.
  • Iddings Deep Colors
    The highest quality traditional casein based scenic paint available.
  • Clear Flat/Gloss Acrylic Glazes
    Use these clear acrylic mediums as a protective topcoat to a painted surface or mixed directly into paint for additional binder strength.
  • Fluorescent Paint
    An economical vinyl-acrylic paint with bright, dayglo colors that fluoresce under ultra-violet light (“blacklight”).
  • Vivid FX
    A high quality special effects paint that combines brilliant fluorescence, and one coat coverage and opacity into one remarkable paint formulation
  • ClearColour
    Rosco has reformulated its unique ClearColour system. When viewed under incandescent light it is completely invisible yet, under the flood of ultraviolet light these fluorescent colors come to life.
  • RoscoGlo
    A phosphorescent paint designed for use in total darkness for stage direction and visual orientation.
  • Colorine
    Transparent coloring medium for coating low wattage bulbs. Not for permanent or long-term applications.

Check out RoscoUSA to get a better idea of our different paint options.

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