Makeup and Wigs

Connecticut Stage Supply

connecticut-stage-supply-page6-calloutIn order to successfully create the perfect costume, you must first have the right makeup and wig to play the part. At Connecticut Stage Supply, we offer a massive supply of different makeup and wigs perfect for all types of characters.

Whether you are trying to find the perfect Halloween costume or transforming an actor into character, you must always look the part. Wow your friends or your audience with a costume that is sure to turn heads.

With our large variety of options, your costume attire is sure to be the talk of everyone that sees you!

Perfect Your Costume With Excellent Accessories:

  • Any type of costume
  • Theatrical costumes
  • Halloween costumes
  • Make-up and wigs
  • All colors and all lengths
  • Sales only

Quality Makeup and Wigs GUARANTEED:

To place an order, please call Connecticut Stage Supply at 860-747-1232 or email us at For a better look at everything we have to offer, stop by 459 East Street in Plainville, CT.